Order Custom Work

How to Order A Custom Magpacker Magazine Speed Loader

Ordering a custom Magpacker magazine speed loader is really easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to custom.design@magpacker.com with your artwork that you would like engraved
  2. Receive a price quote* for your custom work back from us before placing your order
  3. Select your Magpacker from our Magpacker Products Page and look for the “Add Custom Upgrade” under Options:
  4. Check that option and enter your custom price quote in the “Quoted Price” textbox
  5. Click Add to Cart and complete your checkout

That’s it! Your custom Magpacker magazine speed loader will arrive shortly.

*Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Work

How much does custom engraving cost?

Pricing depends on the complexity of your design. Lettering (up to 20 characters) is $20, with each additional letter for $2. Graphics (images, logos, etc) are dependent on the amount of detail in the image. Simple line art is usually $20, while more complex graphics can cost around $60. If you break up the back of the Magpacker into thirds (left/center/right), each section usually runs $20. So, if you fill up the entire back with 3 different designs, the average cost is around $60.

How long does custom work take?

Custom engravings usually ship between 3-5 business days after ordering. Custom designed Magpacker are quoted an estimated time frame according to the design needed at the time a quote is given.

How many graphics can I add?

As many as you want! Our unique handle leaves the entire back of the Magpacker available for customization. You can add just one simple graphic or fill up the entire board. It’s completely up to you.

I don’t see my specific gun or magazine manufacturer listed? Can you make a Magpacker for me?

Of course! We’ve designed several custom Magpackers for specific models. We can also adjust the amount of rounds or caliber… just email us for a custom quote. Custom Magpackers are offered in our wood series only.