Return and Warranty Policy

Warranty Questions?: Please e-mail us at

Return / Exchange Questions?: Please e-mail us at

Return Policy:
Products purchased from us may be returned to us within 30 days of original purchase date. However, there is a 30% restocking fee on each product returned; shipping costs, expedited fees, and custom orders are non refundable. The customer is responsible for return shipping on all returned products. The customer’s original order and purchase information is required to process a return. Once we receive the returned product, it product will be inspected to verify it is in new condition. Once the return is approved, the customer will be notified by e-mail that the refund will be issued to the original form of payment and may take 2-10 business days after your credit is applied for it to post to your financial institution.
Our return address is:
Magpacker, LLC
1809 W. Sealy St.
Alvin, Tx 77511

One Year Limited Warranty:
Magpacker, L.L.C. (“Magpacker”) hereby warrants, subject to the terms and conditions herein set forth, this product against defects in material and workmanship during the specified warranty period of one year starting from the date from original purchase. In the event of a defect of material or workmanship during the specified warranty period. Magpacker reserves the right to make repairs or to assess the replacement of a defective product at Magpacker’s factory. The shipping costs are to be paid by the customer. All warranties by Magpacker are set forth herein and no claim shall be made against Magpacker on any oral warranty or representation.

    • This warranty applies only to the original owner and original purchase information is required
    • Magpacker, L.L.C reserves the right to make changes without notice.
    • Magpacker, L.L.C. and its employees or representative will not assume any damages, either directly or indirectly caused by improper usage, operation, or maintenance of the product.
    • A proof of original purchase must be provided

Disclaimer: Because wood is nature’s product variations in color and grain pattern are to be expected. Although we select top quality woods and premium oils to create a high quality finished product, we will not be held responsible for variations in wood color or normal defects found in wood that include, knots and checks (slight splits) in all grades or cupping. The real beauty of wood comes from the true natural qualities of the wood itself. Magpacker uses only quality woods. All woods vary in color from shades of white, to red, to very dark. Mineral streaks or spots may be visible and will not be considered defects. These are caused by parts of the tree absorbing minerals differently in one area versus another. Unusual graining or color variations will not be cause for replacements.
Warranty replacement policy: Request for warranty may be submitted by e-mailing and replacement material will be considered in the following ways:

      • Damaged items: Any items that are delivered by common carrier and damage has occurred, should be noted on the Bill Of Lading immediately before signing for the shipment. If possible, consumer should refuse shipment. If that is not possible, the consumer is responsible for filling a damage claim with the carrier that delivered the items.
      • Replacements: please note the reason for replacement of items. Magpacker will process replacement orders as soon as possible. Items that are claimed to be defective will be a charged item until Magpacker is able to inspect the item in question. If an item is found to be incorrect due to damage or having been incorrectly manufactured, a replacement Magpacker will be issued.
      • In-field rework: occasionally an item may be made incorrectly. Magpacker would prefer to have the item returned for repair or replacement in our shop. If you decide to correct the error in the field, you must notify Magpacker before any work is done, Magpacker reserves the option of approving, or returning /replacing the items in question. No action should be taken to repair the item in the field without written authorization from Magpacker. Magpacker will no longer warranty an item that has been re-worked or repaired in the field without proper notification to the Magpacker warranty department.
      • Defective finish / wood grain and color: Complaints about defective finishes or wood deviation, must be inspected by an authorized representative of Magpacker. Magpacker reserves the option of approving, or returning / replacing the items in question.

Limitations: The Limited Warranty shall not apply to:

      • Any defects caused as a result of misuse, abuse, negligence, accident or improper use.
      • Improper modifications or repairs made to the product
      • Any damage deemed to be caused by water.
      • Any change in color due to age, tarnish, discoloration or wear on the wood surfaces.
      • Extractive or knot bleeding.
      • The Warranty does not cover damage caused while in transit. If this occurs contact your courier and/or dealer.

Exclusions to the Limited Warranty include:

    • injury, loss of use, damage, failure to function due to accident, negligence, misuse, lack of proper and regular maintenance, alteration, or act of God.
    • Any statement or representation of Magpacker products and their performance contained in Magpacker advertising, packaging literature, or printed material is not part of the Limited Warranty.
    • Products used for commercial purposes are excluded from the Limited Warranty.
    • No dealer, distributor, or similar person has the authority to represent or warrant Magpacker products beyond the terms contained within the Limited Warranty. Magpacker, L.L.C. assumes no liability for such warranties or representations.
    • At no time will Magpacker be liable for any consequential damages which exceed the purchase price of the unit.
    • This Limited Warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser and it is non-transferable.
    • This warranty only covers Magpacker products that are purchased through or an authorized Magpacker dealer